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Welcome to Mäeküla Pub!

Mäeküla Pub’s limestone walls have hosted and nourished travellers for centuries.  Historical publications tell us about tavern in Mäeküla village in Järvamaa county, already in the 18th century. In 1893, it existed as a tavern of Sargvere estate.  In the original building, continuous cozy service and delicious meals welcome people and groups for memorable experience and shelter.


Our rich menu offers acceptable prices and popular meals. The fritted meat pies of the Mäekula Pub are popular even among the visitors from the distant corners of Estonia and loyals from neighbouring countries. We have also considered our vegetarian and vegan friends, who will find many options for a tasty and filling meals, along with historical atmosphere and oasis on the road. The coffee offered in the pub has been recognised as the best coffee on the Tallinn- Tartu Highway!


The Mäekula Pub with its two floors has enough place for about 60 guests, in warm weather the outside terrace offers the extra space for 20 persons. In cold and dark weather in addition to meals the cosy fireplace of the pub also warms the mind, spirit and body.


A nice resting-place for travellers

It is crucial for us to keep our offer fresh and pleasant for the guests, therefore our chef starts cooking only having received the order. The average waiting time of an order is 15 – 20 minutes. For those travellers who are in a hurry there is also an opportunity to order meals being on the way (tel. +372 52 70 414, +372 38 40 463).

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It is really easy to find us. We are located right on the road of Tallinn-Tartu highway (

Parking lot has space for more than 20 vehicles and is equipped with charging station for electric cars.


Broneeri laud

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